Facebook Ad Strategies with Kevin Davis – BGP 45

Kevin Davis is the best Facebook Ad expert in the world and he shares advanced strategies to understand your audience and to grow and?E-Commerce business.

He?s explains where to get priceless market research data, how to start ad sets, and strategies for growing your business with Facebook ads. Some of these advanced tips he?s sharing have changed businesses overnight. You will walk away with a clearer understanding of how to grow your business with Facebook advertising.

Show Notes:
00:30 Introducing Kevin Davis
01:46 The detective foundational work Kevin does for market research
02:25 Use magazine media kits to better understand your audience
05:20 The critical things to look for in the media kits
06:48 How to leverage others editorial calendar for your ads and content
07:58 The best strategies for using SimilarWeb
10:19 Where to put all the information you?ve gathered
11:55 Starting the targeting process in Facebook Ads
14:28 How to get the top 10 states to target using Google Trends
17:42 Desktop vs mobile?
18:00 Send traffic to landing page or lead generation page?
18:51 Big ticket or low ticket offers?
20:18 The easiest and lowest cost method for running ads
22:02 What to do when an ad segment starts working?
22:31 Advanced strategy on how to scale your winning ad sets without being penalized
25:18 Scenario #1 – What to do when you are almost profitable
28:53 Scenario #2 – What to do when your ad sets aren?t converting and you are losing money
33:26 What your retargeting plan should be for an E-Commerce store
35:30 Scenario #3 – How to grow winning ad sets and campaigns
40:39 Pro Tip: Running right hand side video ads on Facebook
41:52 Strategies on expanding product offerings
43:22 Using lead boxes and contests to grow your audience
46:41 Pro Tip: Segmenting your video view durations into specific audiences
48:45 Say thanks to Kevin at www.paidtraffic.com or facebook.com/paidtrafficlab