Being a Serial Entrepreneur with Dan Norris – BGP 61

Dan Norris is a serial entrepreneur and his ability to take quick action and iterate is impressive. We talk about the businesses he’s currently running and the recent sell of his last business to GoDaddy. By the end of this interview you’ll have a different view on failure, taking action and getting momentum on your side.

Show Notes:
00:04 Summary and overview of the episode
00:45 Dan’s background
02:01 Failing at his first software company
02:17 Then had successes with WPCurve, Black Hops Brewing and wrote 4 books
02:48 What he’s learned post sale of WPCurve
04:04 Everyone takes on a certain risk when they start a business but not everyone admits the themselves the risks they are taking
05:10 Why you have to run a lean startup business before you jump into a larger scale business
07:19 How Dan views failure
08:30 Getting to the point where you don’t care and you see things as experiments
09:55 Realizing it’s not all in your control
11:57 When something is not working it just doesn’t work, and when it does work it works by itself almost
13:43 We are in the culture now of clickbait headlines
14:52 His latest venture
15:37 How speed and traction go hand in hand
17:17 Why he’s gotten bored of creating typical content
18:49 Following the traction is the way to go
20:04 What he’s working on currently

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