Understanding Your Customer with Chris Laub – BGP 66

Chris Laub is a research copywriter and is in the quest for understanding what customers truly want by asking them questions in surveys or through phone conversations. He?s going to share the questions he asks and how to get beyond surface level information.

Show Notes:
00:04 Episode highlights and summary
00:46 Introducing Chris
01:45 Helping the Shark Tank product sell
04:38 Getting inside the mind of the consumer
06:50 The Market Research Pyramid
10:29 Using the surface level information
11:01 Going deeper to understand your customers
13:29 Tactics for running a market research survey
15:35 The single most important question you can ask
18:24 Why not just go one-to-one?
20:23 What questions he?s asking to extract the ?gold?
27:46 Say thanks to Chris on his Facebook page

Market Research Phone Script?- Downloadable PDF
Chris?s FB page – https://www.facebook.com/theresearchcopywriter