From Virtual Assistant to COO with Ana Santiago – Episode 120

Having good operators in your business is a MUST. If you’re looking to acquire a business and you don’t have an operator, listen to this episode as we spoke with Ana Santiago, the COO of Outsource School. Her story is very special as she started as a general VA and today she is the COO of a well-established company!

Episode Highlights

  • Being the COO of Outsource School
  • When she started – 2:44
  • How she became COO
  • What Outsource School does
  • Wanting to be part of something bigger
  • Hiring VAs
  • The different roles that she has in the company
  • Focus on communication and attitude
  • Her role as a COO
  • Being in touch with everybody in the team 
  • Outsource School’s focus

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