Hiring and Outsourcing with Nathan Hirsch – Episode 113

This is a special episode of Business Growth because Spencer talks with Nathan Hirsch who has been on the podcast before, but today Spencer is totally impressed with Nathan as he is “Mr. Systems and Mr. Processes” he is the SOP king! You’ll learn how to hire great people, the processes for doing it, the thinking for doing it, and the way that he is making this revolutionary for you as a business owner. He talks about Outsource School, his latest company.

Episode Highlights

  • What Nathan did with Outsource School
  • The validation piece
  • When outsourcing can help with the validation phase
  • What helped him to accelerate his business
  • Hiring a virtual assistant
  • Having adequate businesses and processes
  • Why he created Outsource School
  • What’s an SOP
  • Starting with something that is low risk
  • Building communities
  • Hiring someone that does not know your business
  • Creating amazing SOPs
  • What a virtual assistant can do

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