Miguel Hernandez Grumo Media – Building Your Brand with a Demo Video

Miguel HernandezThis episode we interview Miguel Hernandez of www.GrumoMedia.com they help startups and businesses build their brand through demo videos. Their videos are short, funny, and unforgettable. You?ll learn his formula for creating a memorable brand and videos.


2:34 How he validated his idea of doing demo videos

6:25 Why he focuses on good content vs spending money on ads

9:40 Create multiple sources of income in your business to grow synergistically

10:17 How validating and pre-selling his training course helped him save time and money

?before you spend a lot of time doing something try and validate? and if it?s good people will buy?

15:50 He is a top Udemy author making over $90k selling his video training

“if you have a good product and you know how to market it, and you?re strategic about it, people are willing to pay for it?

16:53 The reasons why people pay for information they could get for free

18:45 What you have to do to create a memorable video

?the whole idea of the video is to take action at the end”

20:39 Miguel’s scripting process for creating demo videos

Demo Video Recipe:
Constraint #1 – No more than 90 seconds
Constraint #2 – No more than 200 words
Constraint #3 – Follow the Act of Three

25:05 He explains what the Grumo brand is and why building that brand and feel is so important

28:25 Happy feelings from fluffy kittens LOL time

29:27 How the brand effects the growth of the business

31:34 The future plans of Grumo Media and how every business can iterate

36:24 Why he?s so approachable and grateful for the new business freedom economy

39:01 The 48 hour challenge

Say “thanks” to Miguel and visit his website at http://www.grumomedia.com

Intro Music by Braxton Lemmon… check out his awesome music https://soundcloud.com/expiredmomentum

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