Mike Hill On The Psychology And Mindset Of Paid Advertising

Mike Hillhttpvh://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AbLMOyAxCM4

In this episode we talk with Mike Hill who is a paid marketing expert, sharing the mindset and psychology of paid advertising for large business growth. He started the group Internet Marketing Super Friends.

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This interview went down a different path by getting into the mind of successful media buying. But it wasn’t always easy for Mike.

We talk about the following:
-He shares why he almost quit internet marketing and what his pivotal moment was that changed his career.
-The sign of when to buy media and when to stop.
-What mindset you need to have to run a successful campaign.
-Mike shares the barriers you will face when your grows. He’s learned this by working with businesses that make millions per month.
-He also shares how to get over the overwhelming feeling of “why would people listen to me” negative thinking.

This is an amazing interview that had me taking notes and re-listening over and over.

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