Turner Barr – How He Got Fired from the Job He Invented

Turner BarrTurner Barr of www.aroundtheworldin80jobs.com explains how he was fired from the job he invented. He travels to exotic places working strange jobs and shares insight to vagabond entrepreneurs.


3:14 ?Where he searched to find international jobs? and why they always came up short

9:41 ?Why he setup a charity event for the Philippines disaster

12:20 ?How a multi-billion dollar company stole his brand and used it in a global marketing campaign

His story went viral and was Featured in Inc and Entrepreneur also gaining massive support from the Reddit Community.

14:15 ?Why he turned to social media to expose the truth, and what it did for him

Turner’s blog post went viral ?How I Got Fired from the Job I Invented?

Social Media = Social Justice

19:30 ?One of his craziest jobs was working with Tigers at a Buddhist temple in Thailand

22:30 ?His advice if you want to live and work overseas